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Address: 4001 W. 114th St. Leawood, KS 66211

What types of data does the PUC collect?

  • The PUC can collect both Machine and Agronomic data depending on the piece of equipment that the PUC is installed on. Machine data can include; MPH, Fuel Usage, DEF Levels, etc. Agronomic data can include; Planting Rates, Spray Rates, % Moisture, Yield, etc.

What Activities are supported?

  • Farmobiles PUC is designed to collect Data from Many machines that complete different activities. Planting, Spraying, Grain Harvesting, & Forage Harvesting are Fully supported activities. Spreading, Baling, Cotton Picking, are partially supported.

How can I change my swath width?

  • Changing swath is done under the Machines Tab. Check out our How To Guide here.

How do I know the PUC is working?

  • A properly working PUC will blink green. Check out some more tips and tricks here.

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