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Farmobile's Subscription includes the PUC4 device. The PUC4 device significantly enhances data collection capabilities.

It is best for the following situations:

  • Farming businesses that require Universal File Transfer.
    • Universal File Transfer is the ability for a PUC4 to behave like a thumb drive. A cable is used to create a connection between the USB port built into a display and the PUC4 device. Farmobile DataEngine provides an interface to manage the transfer of files to and from the cab.
  • Machinery with CAN bus based aftermarket or 3rd-party displays.
    • Tractors or power units are typically equipped with two data buses. One data bus will carry tractor data. The other data bus will carry implement data. At least 2 CAN buses are required to capture this data. If one or more aftermarket or 3rd-party displays are used then a data collection device with support for 3 or more CAN buses is necessary.
  • Machinery with SERIAL bus based aftermarket or 3rd-party displays.
    • Gen1 20/20 displays operate on serial data. There are many other types of aftermarket sensors that are also based on serial data. Farmobile supports both RS232 and RS485 serial data, but collecting such data may require integration efforts.

It ships with the following hardware capabilities:

  • USB Type-C Connector
    • Support for Universal File Transfer
  • 6 - CAN Channels
    • A-Breakout: 5
    • B-Breakout: 1
  • 1 - RS485 Channels
    • B-Breakout
  • 1 - RS232 SERIAL/J1708/J1587 Channel
    • B-Breakout
  • 1 - K-Line Channels
    • B-Breakout
  • Keyswitched Power
    • B-Breakout
  • Internal Battery
  • Integrated LTE Cat1 Cellular
  • Integrated Sub-Meter GPS