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Phone Number : 844-337-2255


Address: 4001 W. 114th St. Leawood, KS 66211


What types of data does the PUC collect?

  • The PUC can collect both Machine and Agronomic data depending on the piece of equipment that the PUC is installed on. Machine data can include; MPH, Fuel Usage, DEF Levels, etc. Agronomic data can include; Planting Rates, Spray Rates, % Moisture, Yield, etc.

What Activities are supported?

  • Farmobiles PUC is designed to collect Data from Many machines that complete different activities. Planting, Spraying, Grain Harvesting, & Forage Harvesting are Fully supported activities. Spreading, Baling, Cotton Picking, are partially supported.

How can I change my swath width?

  • Changing swath is done under the Machines Tab. Check out our How To Guide here.

How do I know the PUC is working?

  • A properly working PUC will blink green. Check out some more tips and tricks here.

Tell us what you need!

Send us your ideas and requests for updates to our Resources page here!