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With the PUC you can capture all of your data through various farm operations such as planting, spraying, or harvesting, regardless of varying makes of equipment. Follow these steps to ensure that your PUC transfer is successful.

Step 1

Ensure you have all the correct cabling.

  • You may continue using your existing cabling
  • If switching makes of equipment you may need an adapter or a different cable
  • If switching to a different brand of monitor you might need a different cable or adapter
  • If you do need a different cable visit our shop or contact support with any questions or concerns

Step 2

Determine whether an additional antenna would be beneficial

  • Moving the antenna to the new machine is possible, but may not be the desired action.
  • If you are going to be moving back and forth frequently between the two pieces of equipment it may be inconvenient to be moving the antenna back and forth.
  • To have a dedicated antenna for each of your machines, you can visit the Farmobile shop to purchase additional antennas to make the transfer process simple.

Step 3

Physically move PUC to next machine

Step 4

After the PUC is transferred to the new machine:

  • Log on to your Farmobile DataEngine to review the data collected is correct.
  • This may require a quick test run of the equipment to generate some data
  • If the data displayed for the machine does not look correct, do not hesitate to contact support for any assistance we could provide

Step 5

Renaming your PUC

The final task to complete a successful PUC transfer is to ensure that the PUCs name is correctly updated.