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How to Draw Field Boundaries

Already have field boundaries? Email them directly to the support team and we will uploaded the boundaries directly into your account.

Step 1:

  • Navigate to EFR under the Fields tab.
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Step 2:

  • Select the three vertical dots on the right side of the page.
  • Note: If you have existing field boundaries, they will show as a list. If you'd like to upload your boundaries, contact Farmobile Support.
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Step 3:

  • Select Add New Field.
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Step 4:

  • Toggle between road and satellite maps to see field outline.
  • Begin drawing boundaries by clicking/tapping on map.
  • Continue drawing by clicking/tapping along outline.
  • Once you have finished drawing, click on the starting point (circle) to complete the field.
  • Note: On mobile, use the arrows to minimize the instructions page.
  • Tip: Use the map view toggle to better locate your field.
  • Tip: Use the zoom in and out feature to accurately draw the field.
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Step 5:

  • Type your field name.
  • Save your changes.
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