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What is the update? What is Farmobile DataEngine℠?

The Farmobile DataEngine℠ is a powerful platform to ingest, standardize, view and share farm data. It is a Farmobile milestone for delivering your data with speed and efficiency.

  • The platform is best-in-class technology and allows for greater data quality, which leads to better insights, easy-to-share-and-compare formats, and the ability to turn farm data into a revenue stream.
  • It includes powerful back-end technology to process and standardize data and a front-end mobile and web interface to access data and provide farmers with more live interactions.

What are some of the new features?

Some new features include:

  • Monitor multiple machines across an entire fleet in live on a single screen.
  • Customize heat maps by attribute, field activity, and date.
  • Understand machine utilization through improved reports.
  • Export and download daily machine activity data.
  • Get improved data sharing capabilities with trusted advisors.

Why did you upgrade your platform?

Our platform was doing so well that we needed to be ready to grow and scale to handle more customers quickly.

  • The Farmobile DataEngine℠ platform is specifically engineered for better scalability, more speed, and increased efficiency, so we’re positioned for growth across the U.S. and beyond.
  • To farmers and their trusted advisors, that means Farmobile can accommodate more subscribers with increasingly more diverse and complex data well into the future.
  • We also wanted to create a system that can deliver an unlimited number of mobile and web features that make data more viewable for farmers. We’ve been listening to our customers, and are delivering more fleet management capabilities on the farm.

What is in it for farmers? How do I benefit?

The new platform is a big step up for farmer connectivity. The new Farmobile DataEngine℠ platform processes and standardizes more data attributes on more machines, meaning farmers get greater visibility into their operations faster than ever before.

What happens when I navigate to the Farmobile Dashboard?

For the web, the first time you log-in to the (old) Farmobile Dashboard, you will be automatically transferred to Farmobile DataEngine℠.

1. Log-in using your Farmobile User I.D. and Password.

2. Farm Admins will be prompted to complete an Equipment Lease Agreement form.

3. Farm Employees and Trusted Advisors will be asked to complete a Trusted Advisor Agreement form.

4. After this is complete, explore the new features!

What happens if I use the Farmobile App? Will it automatically update to the Farmobile DataEngine℠ App?

It will if “auto updates” is “on” in your user’s App setting. If not, you can “update” the App in the iOS App Store.

What PUC devices will work with the Farmobile DataEngine℠ platform?

Farmobile PUC4 and PUC4i devices are supported by the Farmobile DataEngine℠. If you have a PUC3 device, immediately contact Farmobile Support (844.337.2255) to ensure you receive new hardware.

I am seeing errors, what do I do?

If you are seeing anything incorrectly or have concerns, please contact Farmobile Support at 844-337-2255 -or- via email at

I would like a personal walkthrough of the new application, Farmobile DataEngine℠. Can this be accommodated?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage the idea that customers want to know more about the technology. Our team is happy to set up a time to showcase the technology and get YOUR direct feedback about what future features will provide the most value to you and your business. We take pride in working with our customers to create a better product.

*For an appointment, please contact Farmobile Support at 844-337-2255 -or- via email at

Where can I find more information about the Farmobile DataEngine℠ platform?

Click Here to navigate to our Farmobile Resource Center. You will be able to review specific Features which includes how-to-guides and helpful videos.

Check out these training videos on special features: