Changing Activity and Swath Width ¶ 

Watch the video here »

Changing activity: 0:45

Changing swath width: 1:21

Step1: ¶ 

  • Under the ‘Machines’ page view, select the appropriate PUC to change field activity.
  • To change your activity, select Edit.
Block Image

Step 2: ¶ 

  • From the drop down list, select your activity. (This may auto-populate based on messages from machine.)
Block Image

Step 3: ¶ 

  • To change your swath width, type in the correct swath.
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Step 4: ¶ 

  • Choose ‘Now’ or ‘Startup’ to show the time when the change took effect.
    • Now = now and going forward.
    • Startup = when the machine last started and going forward.
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Step 5: ¶ 

  • Save changes.
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